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Spring in Full Bloom

Updated: May 4, 2021

Springtime is here. I know this because not only is the sun shining on a beautiful 65 degree day, but my white car is covered in yellow pollen. Spring is unlike any other season; not just because flowers are in bloom and grass is greening, but with spring we are conditioned to be productive and clean up. Where did this nonsense come from? There are origins tied to the Persian New Year, the Jewish holiday of Passover, and Maundy Thursday in Catholicism. Regardless, with spring in full bloom (pun intended), let's take a look at three things you can do to clean the body, mind, and soul.

Tackle One Drawer/Room/Area of the House

Without overwhelming yourself, start slow and pick one area you want to tidy up. I would suggest the worst area because the reward will be that much more fulfilling. But no judgement if laziness kicks in and you start easy; it's still a victory. As I write this I cannot get the vision of my laundry/utility room out of my head. I am going to lock myself in the room and come out when done. Cleaning up will accomplish two goals; the first, you will have a more tidy space making moving, working, just living life easier. But more importantly, it's good for the mind.

Clothing Swap

When you are updating your spring wardrobe with the latest fashion trends, give your old clothes a look over. Buy whatever your heart desires, but be sure to get rid of the same amount. Let's say you found three great tops and two pairs of jeans. If after trying them on at home they are all keepers, go through your closet and find the oldest/"what was I thinking" items and swap them out. Get that 90s looking top off the rack and replace it with your new find. Take it a step further and go donate your item or sell it. You might get an extra boost of mental mojo when donating.

Spa for your Sparkle

Bring the zen feeling back to your jewelry

Another year (or several) have gone by and you still haven't had your ring checked out. By the way, that little rattle you hear in your ring is not normal. Not only can the inspection prevent costly repairs, your ring will look better guaranteed. All that grit and grime is caked in underneath your ring and blocking the marvelous light from dancing inside your diamond. Bring in one item or the whole crown jewels. We'll have them cleaned up in no time (even while you wait in most cases). Not sure when you can make a cleaning online and make it around your schedule.


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