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5 Questions To Ask Your Jeweler

The interaction between you and any business should be one of transparency, trust and satisfaction. To take it a step even further, the icing on the cake would be enjoying your relationship with said business, hearing that people you know and trust are in agreement that this business is one you both support, and one that receives local recognition from the community. This model can be applied to any business, in any industry, across the globe. Looking for a new doctor? You will likely get a referral from another doctor you trust or a friend or family member. Thinking about purchasing a new piece of furniture? You may ask the sales associate about its contents and origin of manufacture. Deciding to try the new hot restaurant in town because it has been raved about by locals and critics. So when it comes to your jeweler, it should be no different. Here are some of the important questions to ask your jeweler. Check out our answers at the bottom of the page!

How can I be sure my items will be kept secure and returned to me?

This undoubtedly is a concern for anyone, especially those handing over precious heirlooms of fine jewelry. Many businesses have a ticketing system to ensure your items are kept together and returned to you. Whether you are having your computer repaired, clothes dry cleaned, or leather goods refinished, a repair ticket is the minimum you should receive as a reminder of what you dropped off. Hand written, printed out, or with pictures; make sure you get a receipt.

Can this design be modified?

When selecting any piece of new jewelry, it is important that it resonates with you. Don’t settle for something when you desire a different vision. Talk it out with your jeweler and ask about changing it. Keep in mind a few exceptions here include antique/estate jewelry (a blog for another day), certain combinations of metals & gemstones (i.e. wanting a large diamond set into sterling silver), or a name brand designer piece as they are typically reluctant to modify an iconic design. Other than that, the answer to this question should almost always be “yes”. However, if the answer is “no”, that usually means they want to sell you what they have (there is a vested interest in moving current merchandise rather than spending additional money to create a modified version). They are simply being unaccommodating.

Are they knowledgeable?

Ask questions (in addition to these)...about everything. How are they responding? Are they getting frustrated? Are they stumbling at the answers? There is no shame in simply saying “I don’t know” so do not mistake that as a red flag. There are thousands of different types of minerals, and a wide variety of metal combinations so it’s ok if there is something they don’t know. Now, if they don’t know most of the answers, well I think you just found yours.

What kind of warranty is offered?

The debate about warranty protection is sensible. On one hand it makes sense for the consumer. But should it really cost more? Be careful when purchasing a plan that is sold by a store. Ask questions about what is covered, or more importantly what is NOT covered. Keep in mind they are selling you an add on item, so in some cases it may just be a way to drive more revenue.

Will you join me for a glass of wine?

When you are shopping for something as special, intimate, and significant as a piece of fine jewelry, comfort is everything. One must feel a sense of warmth, understanding, and trust when working with a private jeweler. Any uneasy feelings should be recognized, a second opportunity given, but if it persists, take action by moving on somewhere else.

Q&A with Dubin's Fine Jewelry

Q) How can I be sure my items will be kept secure and returned to me?

DFJ - When taking in your precious jewelry, we thoroughly check, describe, and photograph each item. Dimensions are taken, stones identified, and a description of the work to be done is also included. A receipt is then printed laying out all the above details for you to hold for your records. While your items are under our care, every precaution is taken to ensure their safekeeping. When not being worked on at the bench, your items are stored securely in a safe.

Q) Can this design be modified?

DFJ - Yes is our answer to nearly every item in our store. We can modify the metal, stone, color, size, shape, and more; you name it. See something in our store but considering a modification, just ask. Very few exceptions apply here.

Q) Are they knowledgeable?

DFJ - We will take as long or as little as it takes to help guide you towards finding the right piece of jewelry to celebrate. We are quite knowledgeable in all areas of jewelry from gemology to manufacturing. However, we are always learning something new so if we don’t know the answer to your question, we will do our homework to find it.

Q) What kind of warranty is offered?

DFJ - We guarantee our products for one year from manufacturing defects. Cleaning, tightening, small stone replacement, and more is covered under this warranty to you. OVer the year, wear and tear is inevitable. You are bound to need a repair of a prong, or replacement of a stone, at the very least. When a charge is required we are always upfront and transparent about pricing. We then warranty our repair work as well. We strongly recommend obtaining insurance on your most precious pieces. We can provide you with the documents needed and the policy typically covers almost everything: lost, stolen, damage, and more.

Q) Would you go grab a glass of wine with them?

DFJ - We find joy in getting to know each and every one of our clients. It is just one of many things that differentiates us from others. We hope to convey that sense of warmth to you and that you in turn enjoy getting to know us. The relationship we build together is one that makes it exponentially more enjoyable to shop for gifts to commemorate life's most precious moments. So here’s to your upcoming happy occasion, let’s toast over a glass of wine. Cheers!

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