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Our Annual Reminder to Say Thank You

Updated: May 4, 2021

Thanksgiving is our annual reminder to sit back and reflect on all that we are thankful for. But why do we need to wait once a year to be reminded to do so? Anyone and at almost any given time could probably come up with at least one thing they are thankful for. Sure at times it may seem difficult, but it may be something as simple as being thankful for the breath you take. The mind plays tricks on us and makes these everyday gifts seem insignificant especially when negative energy and stress are present.

Thanks, but more than "thank you!"

While reflecting on all those moments and people that you are thankful for, don't stop at "thank you". Sure, when someone lends a hand, a simple "thank you" goes a long way. But take it a step further. Handshakes, high-fives, gifts, hugs, returned favors, and thank you notes are little tokens that are frozen in time when received. Remember the last time you got a thank you note for something? As you were reading it, did you think to yourself, "wow, how thoughtful"? I recently was out in public and held the door open for an older gentleman. As he shuffled through the door way, he stopped, looked over at me, stuck his hand out, and said "thank you young man." As I shook his hand, I thought to myself, how genuine he was in his gratitude. Also taking that extra couple seconds to shake my hand made his thank you that much more meaningful.

A client recently came up to shop for a gift for his wife. He very openly admitted he had not purchased jewelry for his wife in quite some time. I then asked him what the special occasion was that brought him in on this particular trip. His answer took me by surprise as he replied, "nothing." He simply wanted to give his wife a memorable and beautiful piece of jewelry as an emphases to his ongoing gratitude for her.

Season's Gree-Things

The holidays bring about a time of joy; a time spent with family, friends, and those we love most. To these very special people in our lives we often give a token of our appreciation. From a gift card to their favorite store, latest tech widget, sparkly jewelry, car, or a vacation, we show by gifting just how thankful we are for them. Some would say that gifts are not needed to show appreciation, and to that I would not argue. We don't give fun and fancy presents just to say "thanks". We gift these items to make them happy; to make us happy; to spend this time together where everyone is happy. While giving and receiving gifts with our loved ones, we are actually writing a memory to our lifetime hard drive; a memory that we can look back on years down the road that always brings us joy. Whether big or small, make it a thoughtful one. Dig deeper when trying to figure out what to give your loved one. What will resonate and bring them joy for the simple thought of the gift you chose? Check out both our Holiday Gift Guide (full of all sorts of gifts for every member of the family) as well as our Jewelry Gift Guide for that special someone.

Happy Gifting this holiday season!


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