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Remaining Proactive

Updated: May 7, 2021

In 2017 my Mom was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. Fortunately, for her it was caught extremely early during her regularly scheduled mammogram. With a variety of swift treatments she was in remission about one year after diagnosis. It was during this time when I felt more could be done to help those in need battling this deadly disease. This is when I decided to start fundraising. I wanted to give back and find a way to help others in need.

This year marks our second annual fundraising effort towards a breast cancer affiliated organization and we have chosen Bright Pink as our beneficiary. Bright Pink is founded on educated and pro-active approach to breast cancer. While 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime, Bright Pink hopes to reduce those numbers by being proactive. Bright Pink encourages women to learn the role breast cancer has played in their family history as well as having genetic testing for a more accurate risk assessment. This will help women remind proactive and become educated in what role breast cancer may or may not play in their life. Bright Pink also encourages women to self check, schedule regular screenings, and lead a healthy lifestyle with a balance of eating well and exercising regularly. This foundation not only gives back to the community, but it also works on making women more aware of what is happening within their bodies.

During the entire month of October we will donate a portion of proceeds to the incredible cause. We hope you are able to donate to this cause in some way or some form. Click here to donate directly to Bright Pink.


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