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Pursuit of Happiness

Updated: May 3, 2021

2020 is devoted to the pursuit of happiness. I get to capture these moments in tangible pieces of art that are worn on the body. The joy is infectious! I tell my four-year-old twins that “Daddy sells happiness.” While we know that’s not exactly the case, it’s not far from it. Designing and creating fine jewelry never gets old. I love seeing a client's face light up when they pick up the final work of art. It truly is an indescribable experience.

While life can be messy and full of challenges, I’m a big believer that your mindset is a critical factor in how you view the world. I’m not alone. Studies show that by keeping yourself challenged you statistically are a much happier person. What does that mean? Well, essentially those who are willing to push themselves outside their comfort zone are often more fulfilled and content. The opposite would be called “auto-pilot”; something my brother and I have discussed over the years as we have been “adulting”. Something that when done too often for too long puts you in a place of complacency; think of a hamster running on his wheel. I absolutely love to challenge myself and encourage you to do the same. Here are some ways you might want to get out there this month and push your limits.

1. Try Something New

Seems simple right? When was the last time you tried something new? Take a dance class? Pick up a paintbrush? Go to a meet and greet event where you know no one at all? Life often gets extremely busy and somehow, while doing all this adulting, we get comfortable. I encourage you to try at least one new thing this month! I plan on doing the same.

2. Wake up Early

For some of you, ahem parents, this will already be part of your daily routine. However, for many getting out of bed in the wee hours of the morning is an extreme challenge! There is something sacred about the morning quiet, sipping on tea or coffee and taking a few minutes to contemplate your day. Those extra few minutes, even before the kids rise (ouch), are really worth it. When I take the time for myself in the morning, I often have a much more enjoyable and productive day.

3. PLAY!

As adults we often forget to play! Our idea of fun often becomes an after-work happy hour. I’m not saying those gatherings are a waste of time, they’re awesome! I’m just saying, when’s the last time you threw a ball or played a board game? Perhaps it’s as simple as picking up Sudoku or a crossword puzzle (a real one and not one on your phone)! Play and amusement allow your mind to relax and put you back into the present moment, rather than worrying about the future or overanalyzing the past.

4. Compete

Competition leads to happiness? Oh yes, yes it does. Studies have shown that when you embrace competition and let go of the results, you actually have a brilliant time. In fact, the more you recognize that competition is simply a game, the more likely you are to feel wonderful after the competition is over, no matter who wins.

On that note, I should call out that I’m a HUGE fan of basketball. March Madness is around the corner and I love finding ways to participate in this sport’s largest competition of the year! I’ve decided to create a bracket challenge this year where winners will be able to take home prizes, including a $100 store gift card just for entering! Have a perfect bracket? The chances might be slim, but you’ll be entering to win a $7,500 beautiful diamond ring! Details will be available soon so stay tuned!

I hope you’ll join me this month as I challenge myself mentally and emotionally. Challenge doesn’t have to feel difficult. When you embrace the challenge you end up growing and having a whole lot of fun.


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