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Life is Like a Roller Coaster

Updated: May 4, 2021

It’s been years since I have been on a roller coaster. The excitement and turning sensation in the stomach is something I will never forget. At almost 37 years old I will always remember the joy of not only the ride, but the entire experience. If we can take that kind of approach to life, we all might be in a more peaceful place. Life is just like a roller coaster with its ups and downs. The highs can be incredibly exhilarating; touching the sky seems almost possible. But the lows can be so scary that crashing seems inevitable. Just as these feelings come and go as we are riding the rollercoaster, we should never lose sight in the joy of the ride.

In the days of covid-19, it’s easy to think we’re headed down fast. People worldwide are feeling the effects in some way. Of course the high rates of infection and death are the absolute worst parts. A very distant second, on everyone's list would be the part about being stuck at home. After you’re Netflixed out, snacked out, and just straight up antsy to do something, find ways to be productive (hopefully you’ve already found a few). Clean out that closet that has been ignored for years, organize the utility room, go through your clothes and kitchen items and find things to donate. Take it a step further and go through all those family photos, the photo albums, and the digital photos (looking at you iPhone with over 10k photos *sigh). Sort, organize, digitize, backup to the cloud, all the while reliving those wonderful memories that ensue. Have the rest of the family help out. Make it fun. Laugh, cry, and roll your eyes at one another. It will sure make the time pass while doing something everyone will remember.

Another area of the house that is likely long overdue for some attention is the jewelry box. Be sure to also check any places you may have hidden your jewelry (we’ve heard stories about the freezer, underwear drawer, coat closet, to name a few). Book an appointment and bring in all your unworn and questionable jewelry. We can help go through it all:

  • Sort - We’ll group jewelry into categories that make sense; worn, not-worn, broken, etc

    • Rebling - For items not worn (or in need of a makeover) we’ll discuss options to reset and bring new life to those items collecting dust.

  • Repair - Some items will be in need of sizing, retipping, soldering, or just a thorough cleaning.

  • Scrap - For items that are unworn, damaged, and not to be passed down, scrapping them can make sense. Gold is in historically high territory and is projected to remain high for the foreseeable future. Now is a great time to get the most out of your gold. We can even apply your gold credit towards your reblings or repairs.

For better or worse, covid-19 is here for the foreseeable future. Denying and fighting against what is happening and how our world has changed will only create friction. Take a deep breath and acknowledge your feelings. But don’t forget to buckle up and try to enjoy the ride!


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