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The Romanticized Day

Updated: May 4, 2021

It wasn't always hearts and hand holding.

The origin of Valentine's Day is not so loving and sweet. There are several stories that all could point to the true origins of Valentine's Day. Around the 3rd Century A.D., the Romans in a gruesome way, can at least be credited with the naming rights. In two separate events in different years, exactly on February 14th, the Roman leader Emperor Claudius II, executed two men both named Valentine. Years later the Catholic Church celebrated their martyrs on St. Valentine's Day.

Todays Valentine's Day as we know it, was romanticized by poets Shakespeare and Chaucer. This newly romantic holiday spread across Europe at the time. With time the holiday made its way to the Americas and exploded in popularity thanks to the Industrial Revolution. In 1913, Hallmark began mass producing cards for the holiday and the rest is of course, history.

We have our own selves to blame thank for the Valentine's Day as we know it today. From the sweet and thoughtful to the silly and "really?!?", pretty much anything goes nowadays for a Valentine's Day gift.

For those looking for a thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day that is sure to be a winner, jewelry is an absolute must. Whether newly dating or many years of marriage, we have a gift idea for you. Check out our Valentine's Day Gift Guide for plenty of great ideas. And for those February birthdays, look at adding some plush purple Amethyst to your collection. Here are a few ideas in a ring, earring, or necklace.

Valentine's Day, much like any other gift giving holiday is not as much about the gift, but the act of giving. We as people can get as much joy of giving a gift than of receiving one. Take this Valentine's Day to reflect on those who mean the most to you and carefully choose the perfect gift that represents your love for them.


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