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Celebrating your Loved Ones

Updated: May 7, 2021

With Valentine’s Day in full swing, I want to take a step further into this holiday of love. You can read more about the origin of the holiday and how it came to be, here in my previous blog post. While Valentine’s Day is a $25 billion holiday, at its core it's the simple gesture of gift giving. In fact, many of our “holidays” are celebrated typically by the gifting of something to someone we cherish, love, or deeply care about.

While the history of gift giving is embedded in our culture, we can also look to our elders to whom likely taught us the importance of gift giving. As long as I can remember, I recall many family celebrations where gifts were exchanged. I recall dinners celebrating my grandparents anniversaries where my grandfather had a small gift wrapped token of appreciation for my grandmother. I vividly remember my father thinking of all the ways he could surprise my mother with a thoughtful, meaningful, and sentimental gift. As a father now, I use these moments of celebration to show my sons how special our loved ones feel when we present these gifts of admiration.

When you celebrate this month by honoring all of your loved ones, don’t forget those who lead the way for you; your aunts, uncles, parents, and even grandparents. These generations of strong and driven people who paved the way before us, have been integral parts in our lives and the people we have become. Often these people who are so close and dear to our hearts, are taken for granted. Their unconditional love and support perhaps in a way, enable us to do so. However, let’s not let their love go unnoticed.

If you are searching for a gift of appreciation, either small or large, look no further. Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is filled with options to create a lasting impression. Jewelry unlike almost any other gift is wrapped up in emotion. Sure happiness, gratitude, love, honor, and more. But in a paradoxical way, tears and even sadness. I’ve seen mothers with children who are grown and and married themselves, tear up when they look at the “push-present” their husband gave them 28 years ago. Others have a sense of pride when they talk about the ring on their hand that was given to them by their grandmother who is no longer with us. All of these pieces of jewelry come with a story that will never be forgotten...your story!


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