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The Power of Reading

Written by Sherry "Gigi" Dubin

Re-post from November 2019

Reading to our sons was always something we loved and appreciated. It allowed us special time together that was a time when we could put our minds to work and use communication. We enjoyed the conversations, the laughter, and the opportunity to talk. Those were times we relished, whether at the end of a long day or any other time during the day. It was a way for us to let loose and come together. Now we have the pleasure of reading with our grandchildren. Austin, Kaden, and Lyla are fortunate to have hundreds of books to enjoy...and enjoy they do. Although Lyla, at eight weeks, is not yet old enough to voice her favorites, that day will come soon. At almost four, Austin and Kaden have many, many favorites. They can quote portions from those books and even “read” along with us. We are not only bonding in a special way but we are building memories that last a lifetime. These times will be cherished for years to come and we love that we have a special way of coming together and enjoying time. Research says that reading to children is one of the most significant contributors for future academic success. Perhaps all those wonderful times with our sons, and now with our grandchildren, had or will have an academic impact. This is just one beneficial factor that comes from reading with our loved ones. Nevertheless, the joy and delight we feel as we share a book far outshines any research. It is this passion, and this love for sharing books with our own family, that has always been close to our heart. This is why we are holding a book drive and sharing our love with others.

Book Drive Details

Books should be dropped off by 4pm on Wednesday, November 30th

Enter for a chance to win a $1,000 store gift card with donation

Limit one entry per person

No purchase necessary

Winner will be notified December 5th

For information, visit


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