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The Commitment of Two

Updated: May 4, 2021

The idea of marriage has been around for thousands of years. At the most basic level, it is a commitment between two people. This commitment is thus sanctioned and recognized by society and deemed official. Today many still follow these traditional ideas of marriage and celebrate with ceremonies, officiants, and social gatherings. But some opt for a more non-traditional or more modern route by just cohabiting. Regardless of personal or religious beliefs, the basis has not changed; the commitment.

So why would a commitment need something to make it even more official than just saying “I commit to you”? We as people have always used items to make anything official. Back in the day animals were used to make trades official. Signatures are required to make legal matters official. This idea of something changing hands is an age old symbol of making something official; in this case the commitment is no different.

This idea of commitment is universal and transcends all cultures, religions, races, and classes. It is our way of telling our fellow tribe people that this person is unavailable to other members; they have already been chosen.

The commitment is also a strong bidirectional bond. No matter what life throws at you and your significant other, the commitment should stand firm. Geographic distance, careers, kids, health, finances, relatives, or bad habits might test the strength of your commitment to one another. Always remember that deep down at the heart of the commitment the two of you made to one another, that no matter what, love wins.

Throughout history the design of the engagement ring has evolved but at the core are the two main components: the center stone and the setting. So when the time comes and you have found that special someone you are ready to commit to, a ring is traditionally the gift given to them as a symbol of your commitment.


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